Paying it Forward is one of the wonderful guiding principles of a business community I belong to and coming across Wealthy Affiliate
and discovering this was heart-warming. Particularly so because it is something I have tried to do throughout my life. Sometimes though it has caused pain because on occasion I found myself in environments where there was considerable take and not much offered in return.

Let’s be honest here. When I’ve experienced a lot of take, I’ve often pulled away because what I perceived as negative attitudes drain the circuit making it difficult to offer my positive energies.

Should We Expect Return?

A lot of people have written or talked about this. Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra to mention but two of the more famous writers. But if we dig a little deeper, there is no shortage of beautiful blog posts and memes out there that talk about how paying it forward keeps the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives because we are part of an incredible and dynamic ocean of energy.

Dynamic Exchange

Giving and Receiving are distinct aspects of universal energy flow and it is necessary to give what we seek because if we don’t, the circuit isn’t complete; it won’t work in our favour. Disconnect the positive or negative flow on an electrical circuit, it doesn’t work. The same is true with the flow of universal energy. Positive attitudes energize the circuit while negative energies drain the circuit causing it to malfunction. Yet how often do we inadvertently create negative energies with our responses to situations that seem beyond our control? It’s like stopping the flow of blood around our body.

There is a lot of talk about affluence in this world. It’s not a terrible thing. Let’s think for a moment about the root of affluence – it comes from the word ‘affluere’, which means ‘to flow to’. Affluence means ‘to flow in abundance’ and when we hear the word affluence, we think of money; another word for money is currency. The Latin root of currency is ‘currere’ which translated means, ‘to run’ or, ‘to flow’.


If we hoard our money or any of our commodities there is no circulation. The good we might experience by giving as well as taking is lost – there is no dynamic exchange because by hoarding we create limitations and in doing so we gain a false sense of security and the flow of energy stops circulating.

Some people might call this ‘karma’. What is karma? Nothing more than the incomplete energy of a past expression. If you take without giving, little or nothing comes in return. Look upon it like the seed of a flower. It needs to give itself to fertile ground and by doing so, it’s unseen energy flows into material manifestation. Fresh flowers grow. If we share our positive energies, we receive the same and the more we give, the more we receive. Universal abundance flows and circulates.


I believe we must always have a positive intention to create a positive outcome when we give or receive. If we give grudgingly, such as writing a halfhearted review to get a review in return, we can’t expect a glowing review. We might even be criticized. The return is proportional to what we gave. If we give with a joyful frame of mind, the positive energy given increases many times over. It becomes unstoppable because our actions have the power to transform.


  • If you want to receive joy, give joy.
  • If it’s love that you seek, share the love.
  • If you want attention and appreciation, learn to give those things.
  • If you want material abundance, help others to get the same.
  • If it’s the good things in life you seek, silently bless everyone with all the good things that life has to offer.

Giving any or all of these and more has the power to positively affect other people and the things you desire in your life. Our thoughts too have the power to transform and giving doesn’t have to cost you a single penny. We can contribute to the circulation of giving with a verbal or written well-wish, a flower or compliment; the most powerful forms of giving are non-material. Attention, caring, friendliness, gratitude and love are among the most precious gifts we can give, and they cost nothing. The more we give, the more we receive; it has a powerful snowball effect.


By making and maintaining a commitment to giving and receiving, wealth will circulate in our lives. If we are open to recognizing them, we are surrounded by precious gifts and sharing them multiplies exponentially. Such is the way of this beautiful universe.

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Steve Costello is a British Community & Youth Studies and Psychology honors graduate with over 30-years theoretical and practical experience in the Personal Development public and private sectors. He founded ExGro in 2018 with business partner, friend and clinical psychologist, Leo Faerberg.

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