No getting lost in the hectic, high-registering sounds of chaos in the world today. Instead, let’s take a stroll down a lane of beautiful symphony. Share the love, joy and optimism, it’s too easy to become lost in the uncoordinated riot of chaos that surrounds us. Let’s take a breath and relax. Focus on being not doing.

It’s too easy to focus on these dark times. Be strong, fight, push through, dominate . . . all of that takes considerable energy, it’s distracting and draining. Believe it or not, we all have the strength of mind, body and spirit to weather the strongest storms. Amazing humans prove that every day by seeking the light beyond the darkness because with deliberate and clear intentions we are unstoppable.

Be Inspired

There is no shortage of inspiring accounts of exceptional deeds out there. With the power of the Internet we can find inspiration that casts the brightest light on the darkest of days. Such wonderful stories are not reserved for the rich or famous, everybody knows something or somebody and if we dare take a peek within, we will be surprised at our own magnificence that we often fail to recognize because we don’t consider ourselves worthy of recognition or praise. Each of us has something amazing and beautiful to offer to ourselves and the world.

It’s Not About Strength

Rumi said, “If light is in your heart, you will find a way home”. He was so right, and I add that we all have the light within our hearts. We are taught to believe that we need strength to find the light but don’t let thoughts of needing strength pull you beneath the waters of despair and drain your energies.

As Khalil Gibran said, “For the pillars of the temple stand apart, And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow”.

We are each a part of the great temple we call humanity and our pillars are beautiful and distinct.

Realizing Our Beauty

Starting with honesty. Ask yourself how you feel right now. Not the on the surface, wrapped up in current events feelings. I’m talking about you; the inner-you that doesn’t need to speak in socially acceptable sound bites. If you can find a way to acknowledge and confront these feelings, your emotions cease to control you and this struggle is over. Emotions no longer control you.

Some people find such a challenge difficult. Connections help, there is always somebody out there who knows how to listen. It is difficult to acknowledge to ourselves how our actions, choices and intentions have affected our lives. Hardly surprising really when from our early days we are encouraged to think in terms of “right” and “wrong”.

Developing personal honesty doesn’t need to be negatively judgmental. There’s more than enough judgment in the world yet if we can allow ourselves to be honestly open, we can move into new levels of personal understandings and joy.

Forgiving Is Powerful

A few years ago, a young man asked to be allowed to visit a prisoner who had murdered his brother. During the visit, the young man forgave the prisoner for his actions. He said afterwards that doing so helped heal him and free him from the pain of loss. He didn’t condone the actions of the murderer, excuse or pardon him instead, he surrendered to the fact that what happened could not be reversed. Being a “For-Giving” type of young man, he went on to inspire many with his story.

From a personal point of view, I have imagined some people that can be considered to have “wronged me” because it wasn’t possible to meet them face to face. There is no imagination involved when I tell you that forgiving has enabled me to move on and I can smile at them when I see them in my minds-eye with no negative thoughts.

Looking internally, I have also forgiven myself for emotions, actions and choices. By cutting myself some slack and not beating myself up, I have moved on joyfully. Being For-Giving makes a difference.

Unseen Magic

Many people have faith. Be it God, the law of attraction, spiritual beliefs, belief in humankind or magic. It is unseen yet we know it’s there and it matters. Summon your magic because through doing so it can reveal or strengthen purpose and drive us forward through the darkest days. It’s not about comparing or arguing with others to seek justification. That takes energy and slows the journey forward. Seek what’s within, that’s your magic, embrace it.

Thank You

Sounds of Chaos
Gratitude is Exceptional

I am grateful that I can sit here and write this today. I am grateful for my family and my wonderful business partners. I am grateful for this current world situation because it has presented opportunities to develop new connections and to help me change the way I look at things. It’s thrilling to be grateful and discover the gratitude in all things. I start the day grateful for the milky coffee and end it with gratitude for the wonderful things that happened. No judgment, just gratitude; it is immensely powerful.

Somebody is making a noise outside, I think it’s an electric saw, it’s very noisy. Yes, it is a saw, the window is open, and I can smell the cut wood. I love that smell; thank you. Small things matter and my vibration just went up a notch. Gratitude matters.

Strength In Vulnerability

Wait! Did I get that wrong? Surely, if I show my weaknesses and admit to being vulnerable in this world where vulnerability is often seen as the opposite of strength, I will appear weak to others. No, I didn’t get it wrong. If I can recognize my pain or suffering in a safe place, I get to take what I learn from my experiences and move forward. There is no weakness in vulnerability.

By recognizing my vulnerabilities, I can seek help from reliable sources if I need it from people who are unconditionally for-giving, and we are surrounded by such wonderful people.

Tools That Help

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I bow to the place in you that is love, light, and joy

Peace & Light

Steve Costello is a British Community & Youth Studies and Psychology honors graduate with over 30-years theoretical and practical experience in the Personal Development public and private sectors. He founded ExGro in 2018 with business partner, friend and clinical psychologist, Leo Faerberg.


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