Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That

  • What was the largest island in the world before Australia was discovered?

I will answer that in a minute. But wait! By telling you to wait will surely distract you from what will follow if I don’t provide the answer to that riddle right now. True or False?

How We Speak Our WorldInforms . . .

How We See Our WorldThat Leads To . . .


Action Brings . . .



How we speak our world, informs how we see our world, which generates our actions and those produce results.

I Don’t Want To Lose You

So, I’m going to work hard to keep your attention on topic not the riddle I asked back there. But, I’ve lost some of you already haven’t I? The only way I can see to keep you is to answer the question and move on to what I want to say. If I fight to keep you, the more I might lose you so, I will keep fighting and increase the odds of losing you anyway. Fighting everything I don’t want just creates more of a fight. What was I trying to say?

Oh yes! The answer is Australia. It was already there when it was discovered. If you got the answer, well done. If you didn’t, that’s not a failure on your part. It’s just a cheeky riddle and you saw the answer differently.


From my crazy example above, I ran the risk of losing your attention because I chose to focus on something that attempted to eliminate the riddle. It made no sense and it possibly created some confusion or frustration. I used energy to distract you from the riddle and my focus became fuzzy. The way I talked was not in harmony with how I usually think and that created discord with me, probably you too. That’s not how I speak my world.

The Way We Speak Our World

While there are a number of thought processes that might have led to your riddle answer, they were all in some way based on experience and we speak from our experience. Perhaps you are interested in geography and may know the island that follows Australia in size and, that might have been your answer that enabled you to look at how . . .

We See Our World

After we speak something we begin to see it. If I see my politics as more appropriate than yours, I will speak it no matter what and will fight your opinion to get you to see my world as I see it.

Actions Bring Results

My actions to get you over to my way of thinking will probably create discord between us. Not harmonious results, just more of a fight and negative results.

An Innocent Review

A while back I reviewed a particular product and asked for some opinion on a social media forum. One respondent said, “that product is rubbish because this one is better”. What he said was based on what he saw in his experience. I listened to his arguments and learned a few things. Although he had judged the product I reviewed, I didn’t judge his opinion of his product. After the exchange, we both agreed that we had learned something.

Expert Danger

In life or business, It is important to the people we interact with, potential clients and customers that we present as “balanced individuals” or, “niche experts” yet we should also present as open and willing to learn. Just to repeat myself for clarity, ” how we speak our world, informs how we see our world, which creates our actions and the results we create“. If we are willing to accept that somebody might know more or have a different yet valid point of view, we will begin to see our world in a different way, we find growth opportunities and things change.


Find someone that is living the life that you want to live or the business that you want, and observe.

  • What are they doing?
  • What are their best practices?

No matter how hard you try, some things may not fit your style. If this happens take the best for you. Small incremental changes make a difference and can lead to seeing your world in different ways and ultimately bring the results you seek.

Everything We Want

It’s all there waiting for us if we are willing to intentionally change our focus. If we focus on things that we don’t want, we will get more of the same. There is no point in complaining. How we speak our world, creates our world. Embracing all the things we truly want and giving them directed positive energy will ultimately deliver what we want and change the way we look at things.

I hope this post wasn’t too much of a riddle.

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I bow to the place in you that is love, light, and joy

Peace & Light

Steve Costello is a British Community & Youth Studies and Psychology honors graduate with over 30-years theoretical and practical experience in the Personal Development public and private sectors. He founded ExGro in 2018 with business partner, friend and clinical psychologist, Leo Faerberg.





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