As we go through life, we make judgment calls based on what we know about the people and situations that demand we make those calls.

When I crashed out of my corporate career, one of the things I didn’t see was that I was exceptionally stressed, and it had begun to affect all aspects of my life.

I spent so much time problem solving for others that my own needs became lost in the mix. When I had an accident and was unable to work, it was like a release valve finally opened.

The journey to recovery was long and mentally taxing, more so when my employer retired me because a company doctor declared me unfit for work.

Years of study and experience erased by a signature on a form.

One thing I realized was that stress was the major contributor to my plight and while I was great at solving problems for others, I had ignored my own challenges.

Crazy really when I look back. A qualified psychologist who should have known better. This was where I decided to develop my own business where I could help other people to relieve stress. Of course, I had to start with me before I would be able to help others.

My 5-Day challenge is where my road to recovery began. Simple tools and techniques that made a difference.


A study by Goyal, et al published in “pubmed” concluded that mindfulness programs can reduce negative dimensions of psychological stress.

In psychology, stress is a feeling of emotional strain and pressure. Positive stress can benefit motivation, adaptation, and reaction to the environment. Excessive levels of stress, however, can lead to illness because it can increase the risk of physical and mental disorders such as depression and irritation of pre-existing conditions.

According to “WHO”, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health are also a cause for concern. Additionally, working from home for many people is stressful and creates feelings of isolation.

Past, Present and Future

How we are able to make those judgment calls I mentioned at the start of this post comes from our past experience, present situation, and desired future outcomes. Let’s refer to past, present and future as three places.


The first place represents our personal ways of knowing, being and doing.


The second signifies our cultural ways and values.


The third is a place of not knowing, seeking understanding and respect for who we and other people are.

If there is a problem with any of this, it comes from the fact that we often make judgement calls with hardly a second glance and that can lead to upsetting the apple cart.

In my corporate career, it was not considered cool to “not know” something, at least that’s an assumption that many of us make. I often made it and too often it contributed to stress.

One of the things I enable my clients through mindfulness-based programs to achieve is a connection with the third place. Through this connection they become able to reflect on their knowledge and understandings, attitudes and perceptions while developing a stronger sense of self and understanding about others and the impact they have on each other.

Mindfulness teaches much about education for life and the impact of accessing the third place leads to stress relief and other benefits.

In my free 5-Day challenge starting on 30 November, I will be sharing some theory and a collection of tools that can help connect to the third place.

You will need about 30-minutes each day at a time that fits your schedule.

Places are limited and the next free program can’t be delivered until March 2021.

You can book your place for November 30th at the link below.


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