Stress at work is not uncommon. If we suffer from stress at work, it’s likely too that it will spill over into other aspects of our lives.

There are however straight forward and evidence-based tools we can learn and apply to bring about lasting relief.

This free program teaches easy to implement solutions by revealing how you can start to reduce workplace stress by implementing these evidence-based stress reduction techniques.

Each day will start with an explanation of the theory for the day followed by a simple practical exercise. All of this will be covered in thirty-minutes or less. For maximum effect, participants will be encouraged to repeat the exercise at least once before the following day.

  • The content of each day will build on the next.
  • Each session will be delivered in a private Facebook group

Sessions will be delivered live at 12:00 GMT and recordings will remain in the group throughout the challenge so that nobody will miss anything because of time-differences.

There will be a live and recorded Q & A each day at 16:00 GMT where questions about the content of the day will be answered.

The challenge will be open for registrations from Monday, 16 November and the group will be open from Sunday, 29 November.

The free 5-Day Challenge starts at 12:00 GMT on November 30th, 2020. Buy tickets for Steve Costello


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