In a recent post, I talked about training ourselves for excellence by setting a few positive and vibration raising habits. Here are a few more positive habits that may appear difficult to apply but if consistently applied, they can lead us joyfully down the road to excellence.

Who needs you at your best?

For starters, you do; and there is more to consider. If we are to achieve excellence, it starts with us because to reach the dizzy heights of excellence we need to have and own the sense that it is completely necessary to excel in all aspects of our lives. We may not be able to do that 100% effectively at all times and especially when life throws us a curve ball but there is plenty we can do to aim for 100%. Here are a few:

Have the hunger for excellence

  • Training and Learning. Do not limit yourself because you think you don’t know the ‘how to’.
  • Scale yourself against the best and learn from the best. What is it that makes them so great? Remember, you are not like them, we are all unique so don’t beat yourself up because you’re not the same.
  • Believe that you can do it.
  • Build realistic strategies and plans.
  • Go all out; Work hard but don’t forget to play, take breaks.
  • Focus your efforts and limit distractions.


Ask yourself these questions at the start of each day and ask them again as often as you need to as your day progresses.

  • Who needs me at my best right now?
  • What makes it essential that I deliver excellence today?

What Is Your “Why”?

By saying things out loud to yourself they become truer and more important. Don’t be afraid to speak your why and share it with others. Speaking your why leads to higher motivation to live in equivalence with your commitments to yourself and other significant people.

The next time you want to increase the necessity for your excellence, make a declaration to yourself and others.

“xxx is what I want and xxx is why I want it”.

Develop Your Tribe

Positivity, emotions and excellence are contagious. Spend time developing your peer group tribe and seek out the positive and successful people. Keep building that supportive network and ask yourself:

  • How can I collaborate with the best people?
  • What can I do to inspire others?

What Matters?

There will be some things that matter more than others as you navigate your daily journey to excellence.

What outputs matter the most in determining your excellence today?

The answer is your focus, your number one priority. Say no to everything else. Your focus is the main thing, don’t allow it to become diluted. Your outputs need high standards of quality.

Five Moves

If there were only 5 moves to make a goal happen; what would they be? Think about each goal contained in a box of activities.

  • What are the necessary activities?
  • Are there any deadlines?
  • What might challenge effective delivery?

Work out the answers to these questions and turn them into action.

Be Amazing

Another 5! What are the five major skills you need to develop over the next three years to lead you to excellence?

Once you have your answers, focus on developing these skills. It may take less than three years and you can always add more as you progress. The crucial thing is that you are always working at developing skills excellence because they will contribute to your future success.

Let People Know How You Think

Think about how you want people to think about you. How you think about them, other people and the world at large. I’m not talking about your politics or religion although I accept that they may matter to you. I’m talking about the self in you because by sharing this leads to positive influence and people respond well if they understand the authentic you.

If you are unsure of something, ask an open question rather than making a negative statement. “I’m not sure about this; what do you think”?

Challenge Your Growth

Observe your character, connections and contributions and actively challenge them to look for growth opportunities. This is in itself challenging but the pay-offs are exceptional.

  • Do you give your all?
  • Could you be treating people better?
  • Could you give more in service to others?

Try writing out your answers and seek ways to improve. This can lead to greater excellence and distinction.

Are You A Role Model?

Research relating to entrepreneurs found that 71% of respondents said they think about being a role model daily in their family, work and community lives. So, ask yourself:

  • How can you serve?
  • How can you help?
  • How can you inspire others?

I’ve been watching a TV show recently called, New Amsterdam. It’s based on a true story, a real doctor, Dr. Eric Manheimer who wrote a memoir titled Twelve Patients: Life & Death at Bellevue Hospital. The leading character frequently asks patients and staff, “How can I help”? He asks that question even during the most difficult of circumstances.

It’s Challenging

Don’t complain about the effort involved on your journey to excellence. It’s necessary, important and positive. No pain, no gain. By taking up the challenge you are on the road to peace, personal power and self-improvement. Respect the challenge.

Don’t Play Small

Live your truth and don’t placate others at your own expense. Don’t hurt anybody but do share your thoughts, dreams, feelings and needs with other people. Aim to do it sensitively.

Fight For The Underdog

Look for one person who might need your help. Help them to feel safe, improve or live a better quality of life. Doing this will raise their vibration and yours and by doing something for another we find our own courage and cause for focus and excellence.

Of course, all the things I have touched upon here are always going to be a work in progress and some will be easier than others. I argue (gently), that by focusing on these we can truly find our versions of excellence.


We need a box of tools to challenge our limits and move forward toward success. If you feel that you may benefit from help, please leave your contact details in the comments section below and you will be contacted by your preferred method. Please understand that your contact details will never be published, and your privacy is assured.

Comments and Questions

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I bow to the place in you that is love, light, and joy

I wish you a wonderful day.

Peace & Light

Steve Costello is a British Community & Youth Studies and Psychology honors graduate with over 30-years theoretical and practical experience in the Personal Development public and private sectors. He founded ExGro in 2018 with business partner, friend and clinical psychologist, Leo Faerberg.

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