Originally training in Community and Youth Services at a UK university, Steve Costello is a personal growth and development professional coach / therapist who works to enable people to make decisions about their lives, build personal resilience and reach their full potential.

Steve is also a psychology honors graduate who uses positive psychology to inform the way he delivers critical and motivational information in ways that make sense and can easily be turned into positive action. He has over 30 years’ experience.

Life Coaching for Personal Development and Growth

Steve helps people to recognize and value their strengths and gifts and takes you where you can’t easily take yourself.

  • Identify and manage self-limiting beliefs.
  • Improve self-confidence and presence.
  • Change negative to positive habits.
  • Set up systems to enable better organisation including living and working more efficiently.

He specializes in helping people and company groups to achieve and often exceed specific goals and overcome obstacles to their personal growth through 1 to 1 coaching and group programs.

Programs are delivered through a blend of traditional coaching and NLP methods, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness Based Stress Relief (MBSR) programs.


As a client, Steve is accountable to you and will deliver what you need in a positive and supportive environment. He will hold you accountable too by pushing you in healthy ways and assisting you on your journey by motivating you to achieve.

Methods of Delivery

1: 1  Identifying the specific goals of individuals and companies to define areas of opportunity for growth.

Through working with Steve on these, a relationship develops, and deeper understandings of your specific needs are found. Through this, we find the way to the best courses of action to suit your needs, goals, strengths and personality using proven strategies and personalized plans to bring your dreams and goals to reality.

Laser targeted Education for Life including people from all walks of life.

Small Groups – The process is the same as 1: 1 although with a maximum of twenty people, the targeting is slightly diluted. However, the potential benefits remain the same so long as consistent and passionate action is applied.

Large Groups – 21+ – These are targeted at specific aspects of personal development as offered by our carefully designed programs or through direct discussion with group organizers relating to needs.

Due to COVID restrictions, all programs and one on one sessions are currently delivered live via Zoom or Skype.

Types of Group

These are not limited and include single or mixed gender community groups, company teams, sports clubs . . . no limits.

It’s All About You

Extraordinary, out-of-the-box results can be achieved. New and challenging goals can take your success in life to new levels with carefully designed personal action plans and a professional coach to light the way.


The table below is for illustration. Variations can be offered depending on needs following a discovery call which lasts for 15-minutes and can be booked via this link. Full program details will be provided during the call and copies mailed.

Prices shown are in UK £’s and will be converted at the rate shown by Reuters on dates of payment.

Client Program Offer Price Regular Price Saving
Individual Coaching Package (8 sessions) Covid 400 600 200
Individual 8-Week MBSR Covid 297 497 200
Group (up to 10) 8-Week MBSR Covid 1497 1997 500
Group (up to 20) 8-Week MBSR Covid 1997 2497 500
Individual 4-Week MBSR Covid 197 397 200
Group (up to 10) 4-Week MBSR Covid 997 1497 500
Group (up to 20) 4-Week MBSR Covid 1497 1997 500
Customized Programs 8-hours (Groups only) Covid 3497 4497 1000


More Information

Leave a brief message outlining your needs in the comments on this page and you will receive a swift response. Your message will not be published. Please understand that your contact details are never shared and will not appear on this or any other site.

Alternatively, you can book a free 15-minute call for a live Q & A and the opportunity to learn more.

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