Defying the challenges of Loneliness and Isolation are predominant feelings for some people at the best of times. More so during these challenging times of social distancing and here too we find people feeling lost because their usual social and support networks are affected by the crisis.Defying The Challenges

For many people, loneliness is feeling of sad or distressed about being by themselves or feeling disconnected from the world. It is also common to feel lonely surrounded by people. Quarantine separates us from other people and our social environment leading to loneliness and isolation. Even when it is meant for our own, and the greater good.

Looking at this from a positive point of view, social distancing presents opportunities to reconnect with ourselves and our relationships. ExGro and MINTervene Collaborate in the video below to explore some of the possibilities.

Practical Action

My business is split into two categories. Simply put; online and live-in-person. Right now, there is not much I can do for the live events, but I can plan for them and make sure my notes are updated and ready to deliver when I need them. I can still work with clients online so, not many changes there. Or, does it?

Usually, I am home alone during office hours between Monday and Friday. Alone only in the physical sense, I have plenty to keep me occupied and connected. Today however is a different story. We have seven people in the house, three more than normal and I am picking up that at least four of our seven are experiencing loneliness because they are being denied their usual social connections. I have explored this; it is quite real and needs to be noticed.

What Can Be Done?

Defying The Challenges - Day 6
Defying The Challenges – Day 6

Talking about it is a start yet this has to be managed with care. It’s easy to say, “change the way you are looking at things”, but that doesn’t help a person who feels lost and confused about how to look at things in this unusual environment. For many people, analysis of the situation is not the way. Practical steps are of greater short-term benefit.

Change The Routine

It’s true that we need certain routines and goals to enable us to get things done and move along our path. Cleaning the house is far more predominant here than usual. Sweeping and mopping the floors needs extra input. Yet, that doesn’t sit well with the residents.

Let’s change the routine. Our daughter needed a “chill space” in her room so, rather than repeat the same old, “tidy your room” command, a sheet of paper and a few colored pencils enabled her to design how she wanted the room to look. It took a while, but she produced a workable plan and from that, we made it happen. The room was cleaned and tidied in the process without it being mentioned. “Chill space” goal creatively achieved, and she shared the results with distant friends thanks to the power of technology.

Kitchens get messy, right? Shelves and cupboards become disorganized with constant use. Instead of attacking the entire kitchen, the contents of one cupboard and one set of shelves were emptied onto a table. Surfaces cleaned and the contents returned to the opposite space. It’s more practical than it was and without asking, services were volunteered, and it became a social activity before watching an episode of a Netflix series rather than spending the entire evening on restructuring the kitchen completely.

Small Goals

In both of these examples, small goals were produced and acted upon. The projects were different to the typical “clean the house” activities and the participants enjoyed both process and outcome. Without realizing, they changed the way they had been looking at things by creating small goals. They were also positively distracted from their isolation thoughts by focusing on something productive.

Silencing Unwanted Thoughts

By getting some traction going instead of focusing on the negatives of the situation at large and what’s happening internally, the focus on getting something done created distance from social distancing.

Arguably, it’s easier for a group of people to achieve yet I don’t support that argument. Setting small goals around the house is easy for one, there is no difference of opinion and fewer competing factors to consider. Once you do that, you’ll see that your thoughts will be about finishing your task and enjoying the results. One positive action leads to another and that raises our energy.

More Tools That Help

Relating to these there are plenty of tools in addition to the practical examples presented here that can help with your Personal Growth and Development whether you feel challenged or just seek to advance the way you respond to your world. If you would like a free 20-minute coaching session on some of these, please leave your contact details in the comments and you will receive a prompt response. Alternatively, you can send an email. Please understand that your contact details will never be shared outside ExGro.

Please note that free sessions are extremely popular and have become limited although every effort will be made to honor requests or refer to another available practitioner where appropriate.


There are many ways to effectively explore and advance your Personal Development in any area of life that matters to you. A box of tools to challenge the boundaries and move forward toward realizing success is extremely beneficial.

If you feel that you may benefit from help in any area with more than a 20-minute consult, please leave your contact details in the comments section below and you will be contacted by your preferred method. Please understand that your contact details will never be published, and your privacy is assured.

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I bow to the place in you that is love, light, and joy

Peace & Light

Steve Costello is a British Community & Youth Studies and Psychology honors graduate with over 30-years theoretical and practical experience coaching in the Personal Development public and private sectors. He founded ExGro in 2018 with business partner, clinical psychologist and friend, Leo Faerberg.

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