Are you mindful of the actions you took during the last 365 days?

Did those actions take you where you planned to be?

What will happen if you keep repeating those actions?

We can learn a lot from the past and use that learning to plan for the future yet, if we are constantly switching between what was and our desired outcomes, we miss the magic of the place where it all happens.

Everything is created in the mind. The present moment is where it happens.

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Free 5-Day stress reduction program starting on Monday 30 November sharing some simple to apply tools that can make a difference.

Of course, time is valuable and it’s often difficult to add another thing to already busy schedules.

This program delivers everything via recorded video in 30-minutes each day and a live Q & A each evening. All content is recorded so if you can’t make the live, it will be there for you when you’re ready.

Everything you need to begin to relieve workplace stress in under an hour each day in a private event only group that stays on topic.

Evidence Based

Scientists have researched Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and found that it can reduce stress and anxiety in healthy people and can increase empathy toward other people who are suffering from stressful challenges.

After a mindfulness meditation program, researchers found that subjects were able to loosen the grip of negative emotions compared to a group who didn’t experience the mindfulness program.

Instruction was based on core concepts of mindfulness and breathing and delivered via a short lecture on mindfulness theory, followed by seven days of 15-minute, guided meditation sessions.

Both groups filled out questionnaires before and after about their depression and anxiety and undertook computerized tests to assess their emotional intensity, emotional memory, and attention.

Results showed that people in the meditation group had better emotional memory and were less likely to pay attention to negative emotions and, they also reported feeling less challenging emotional intensity than the non-mindful group.

Registration is open for my free 5-Day stress reduction program starting on Monday 30 November that will share some simple to apply tools that can make a difference.

You will need less than one-hour each day at a time that fits your schedule.

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