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I’m Steve Costello, a professional coach, therapist, and mindfulness practitioner delivering customized programs and positive psychology.

I support groups and individuals, enabling them to transform obstacles into opportunities for growth.

I am honored to be of service to you on your personal development journey.

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After average results at school, I shed the limiting beliefs I had about my abilities and went to university where, I earned my first bachelor’s degree in  Youth and Community Development.

That led to a great public service career with outstanding benefits, a second, honors degree in psychology and associated post-graduate qualifications. Great salary, stressful, but mostly satisfying and my daily activities enabled me to help a lot of young people and their families.

Personal Development and Growth was the cornerstone of my work.

None of us have a crystal ball although given my skills and experience I should have seen the accident coming. I was heavily stressed and burning out.

While out on my roller blades one evening, I had a disabling accident. Every cloud has a silver-lining, this one gave me two months at home with our beautiful family while I recovered.

Unfortunately, recovery didn’t arrive as predicted, my employer decided I was no longer fit for duty and I was forced to retire at 40 on a small pension because doctors said I wouldn’t recover. Years of study, time and effort erased by the stroke of a pen. I plunged into a dark abyss but one thing that never left was my ‘North Star’. Every challenge has Positive, Dynamic Solutions and from the depths of gloom, I searched for ways to improve the situation.

Today I ride my mountain bike and ski after being told that I would remain in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Those dark days have gone.

Three therapies helped my recovery:

  1. I wrote two novels when I could do little else but sit in front of a computer.
  2. I expanded my knowledge and understandings of personal development, mindfulness, and psychology.
  3. This was the most challenging. As a practitioner I had used Cognitive Behavior Therapy effectively. It took another psychologist to ‘wake me up’ and enable me to realize that CBT could work for me too.

What did I learn?

While I was ‘sick’, I also experienced depression, anxiety, and addiction to prescribed medications on top of the pain. These gave me new and very positive perspectives that enabled me to relate my experiences to the head-full of theory.

I started taking the ‘Life / Work’ balance seriously and developed or borrowed mindful ways of relieving stress. I already knew plenty about being proactive and developed methods of proactively working with myself.

Using my writing and presenting skills, together with experience as a coach and speaker made sense that I should work toward helping as many people as I can to live life on purpose, their purpose. I also decided that I would start my own business in this industry because I don’t ever want to be at the mercy of another person’s pen as I was in the past.

Personal Development can be a total life transformation. Had I not been aware of the power of personal development and growth techniques and the psychology that goes with them, I wonder if I would have achieved a complete recovery.

The process of transformation and turning dreams into reality is available to all of us and it’s not necessary to start your own business to get there.

You too can begin the process of total transformation and turn your dreams into reality

Watch out for frequent posts that can help make a difference in your life.

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Wishing you Peace and Happiness

Steve Costello

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